SOKOL Premieres 'Contact' Music Video

SOKOL Premieres 'Contact' Music Video
SOKOL has unveiled the official music video for his new single Contact. The visuals are a soaring, cinematic, spiritual and honest depiction of the majestic existence of the Mongolian eagle hunters, who hunt with the eagles.

Contact is the ground-breaking project from a unique artist with a universal message – ‘disconnect to reconnect’. SOKOL wanted to find a place on this planet so different and unfamiliar to our everyday lives, yet utterly authentic. He explains,
It’s a retour à la nature!In a fast-paced world like the one we live in, where technology is controlling our lives, it is easy to get out of touch with yourself and everything and everybody around you. I strongly believe that we have to preserve the human elements in meeting face to face and not get lost in the virtual world.
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