Luk Unveils New Single 'Movement'

Luk Unveils New Single 'Movement'
Time for some dance music! Welsh up-and-coming, electronic singer-songwriter Luk (pronounced ‘Luke’) has unveiled his new single Movement. This tune is a perfect slice of daring electronica with tropical lyrics, bubbling synths, bass-heavy beats and woozy rhythms. Luk said:
This song was to remind me that it will be alright - It is a message to myself and a welcome break inbetween the heavy story telling in the rest of my music. It's transformation at the hands of Lee House fully enforced the message of this song for me and it continues to give me reasons to push on and show people who Luk is and what I have to give. The fact that people may like it just intensifies things and inspires me further.

Inspired by the spectral sounds of SBTRKT and Jamie XX as well as the sun soaked story telling of Friendly Fires, Ghost Beach and Van She, Luk has supported electronic heavyweights such as Man Without Country, Georgia and Manchester’s Bernard + Edith in support of alt-rock hotcake, Money.
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