This Friday, October 21st, we'll see the release of LEISURE's self-titled debut album! The New Zealand five-piece describe the album as
Echoing  our adventure in sound over the last year or so, a collection of songs we are beyond proud of.
Each member brings different influences from 70s funk, to 90s rap and R&B, all the way to dance music from the early 2000s. Each member also brings a different skill set –  strong pop song writing sensibilities, experimental production techniques, and the talent to mix and master their own work. All this results in a fantastic album that I've been listening for the last few days and just can't get enough of. A lot of smooth and funky tunes guys! My favourite tracks are All Over You, the somewhat funked up, psychedelic, blissed out Got It Bad, Know You Better, Till The End Of Time, and Deeper.

Live LEISURE are a force to be reckoned with and the band have already played a handful of shows in Sydney, LA, Vancouver, New York and London.

Album tracklisting for ‘LEISURE’

  1. Got It Bad
  2. Hot Love
  3. Take It To The Top
  4. Know You Better
  5. Something About You
  6. Deeper
  7. All Over You
  8. Control Myself
  9. Nobody Feat. Goldlink
  10. Moonbeam
  11. Your Love
  12. Til The End Of Time