Introducing Ross Jack
Hey guys! Time to introduce you to an amazing artist! South African artist, Ross Jack is taking the music scene by storm with his new single Fall. Ross was Born in Johannesburg and started as a prodigious beat-maker for up & coming hip hop acts, soon progressing to full producer credits for big names in South Africa including Toya Delazy, HHP, Chiano Sky & Khuli Chana.  In 2012 Ross released his first single titled Seven45 and officially launched his career as a solo artist. 

His new single Fall is his first ever UK release and is the perfect introduction to his sound – a dark love song that’s brooding and atmospheric, showcasing the kind of melodic hip-hop that’s already helped him top the charts in his native South Africa. Ross says,
I describe my sound as Electric Soul, or Stoner Pop. I try to keep a bit of darkness to what I do and I like to combine Soul samples with synths and Bass and big drums.

His next track features Benjamin Arrow, who co-wrote Naughty Boy and Beyonce’s track Runnin (Lose It All).