Au/Ra unveils debut single 'Concrete Jungle'

Au/Ra unveils debut single 'Concrete Jungle'
Ibiza-born, Antigua-raised singer Au/Ra has unveiled her debut single Concrete Jungle, out tomorrow, Friday 14th. It's a minimal production that opens with a darkly pitched vocal riff that runs through the length of the track pushing her vocals to the front. Super catchy tune guys! Perfect for all your indie lovers out there!

Concrete Jungle takes inspiration from the juxtaposition between her relatively isolated upbringing and that of someone brought up in a large town or city. Au/Ra explains,
Concrete Jungle was inspired by taking trips to big cities when I come from an island. It's about human nature, how we're all connected.

Whilst the minimal, bass heavy production of Concrete Jungle serves as a fitting introduction to Au/Ra's sound, it's her love of marrying make-believe with reality and presenting it with infectious pop melodies that will leave listeners hungry for more.

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