Alyss reveals new track 'T S I E R'
Classically trained singer/ songwriter Alyss has just revealed her brand new single T S I E R, (short for This Shit Isn’t Even Real) taken from her forthcoming EP Motherland being released via PMR on October 28th.

Loving the silky production of this song! It is a laidback song with groovy tribal vibes! Alyss describes the influences of the track as being influenced by shamanic teachings,
I’d been studying shaman teachings around that time and there was one principle that I couldn’t get out my head: dreams are real and reality is a dream. Both are equally as real as they are hallucination. The more I dissected the concept, the more it tripped me out. In a good way. It’s mad how such simple words have completely changed how I view existence. I guess making T S I E R was like an audible screenshot of that perspective shift.

You can catch Alyss playing live at the Pitchfork Festival in Paris with more London dates to be confirmed.