Alex Clare Announces New Album 'Tail Of Lions' + New Single 'Tell Me What You Need'
Alex Clare today announced his brand new album Tail of Lions, which is due on November 11th. The first single to be taken from this album is called Tell Me What You Need and you can listen to it below!

The single’ looks at how some things in relationships are good and some things are confusing, frustrating and sometimes difficult. Alex comes from a family where you shout and scream to make your point while his wife is little more reserved. Loving it!! “He says,
You have to learn to ride the bumps. “I talk with my hands, raise my voice and put all my cards on the table, while my wife tends to close up and wait for the storm to pass.”

Although Alex now lives in Jerusalem, this body of work was recorded on a boat in the River Lea, and is a remarkable album expressing Alex's life-less ordinary. ‘Tail of Lions’ is a very different record from his two previous examples with Island Records. Alex’s perspective has changed so much, on life and love and fatherhood - he has two young children now and much of his time is devoted to them. The realities of his own life have changed. He says, 
“I'’ve had to step up”. “So many big things are happening in Europe and the US and, of course, just over the border from where we are in Syria.”