2016 X-Factor UK: 6-Chair Challenge - Groups & Overs

Hey guys! So the last episode of X-Factor UK's 6-chair challenge is over! Tonight's show was all about the overs and the groups. The overs are a far better category than the groups so Sharon has a chance to win the competition. Louis was all over the place with this category, making multiple changes but at least he has one solid group Skarl3t. I stil can't believe he picked Ottavio and Bradley....

Anyway.. Sharon picked Ivy Grace, Christopher Peyton, Relley C, Samantha Atkinson, James Wilson and Janet Grogan! My favourites have to be Samantha Atkinson and Christopher Peyton!

Louis was a disaster and he picked Skarl3t, Ottavio and Bradley, The Brooks, 4 Of Diamonds, 5 AM and Tom and Laura. Now next week we'll see who is going through to the live shows.

Check out my top 3 performances below.

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