2016 X-Factor UK: 6-Chair Challenge - Boys & Girls

Hey guys! So the first episode of X-Factor UK's 6-chair challenge is over! Tonight's show was all about the girls and the boys. I have to say that Nicole has a strong category with the Boys, because they can easily beat the girls Simon selected. My favourite performance of the whole episode was Christian Burrows' own take of Feeling Good. He showed he really wanted this and he deserved a seat.
So the 6 boys are: Christian Burrows, Matt Terry, James Hughes, Freddy Parker, Niall Sexton and Nate Simpson.

Simon Cowell had an "easier" choice regarding the girls being the only standout (for me at least) Emily Middlemas' acoustic rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

The 6 girls are:
Emily Middlemas, Gifty Louise, Sohelia Clifford, Caitlyn Vanbeck, Kayleigh Marie Morgan and Olivia Garcia. Check out my top 3 performances below.

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