Gigamesh Releases New Single 'History'

Multi-platinum award winning dance music producer, Gigamesh, has released the lead single from his forthcoming debut album, Time Travel. In History Gigamesh utilises a funk infused bass-line, buzzing synths and Damon C Scott’s soulful vocals, to create one of this year's sonic gems. Loving its summery up-tempo vibes.

Now Gigamesh is setting his sights on even greater things with the announcement of his debut studio album, Time Travel, set to come out on August 19th. Split into two 5 track volumes which will ultimately combine into an 11 track album, the project is set to delve further into Gigamesh's creative flare as he moves into more mature and sophisticated musical territory. Gigamesh explains the inspiration behind his first major body of work in four years:
Nearly all the songs on Time Travel reference some aspect of time. The idea started organically for the first few songs, but I decided to make it more deliberate after I noticed a pattern emerging. I was likely thinking a lot about time because I hit some important life milestones while working on the album. I liked the idea of using time as creative glue because it's something we can't see, which sort of makes it equally scary and exciting. I'm releasing the album in two volumes to further play into the concept and also thought it might be an interesting experiment to break it up into two because music is now typically consumed in smaller doses than in the past. I'm incredibly stoked for people to hear it!