Beautiful Machines Release New Album 'Bridges'
Cinematic synth pop trio, Beautiful Machines, have dropped their sophomore release, Bridges,  now available to download on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify. The album signals an evolution for this cinematronic-driven band with electronic hooks that are captivating and dreamy.

As the second installment in a concept album trilogy, Bridges tells a story of disconnecting from an old paradigm and crossing a bridge to a new reality. Front man Conrad Schuman says,
Bridges symbolizes positive transformation and change. This album is purposefully arranged to take the listener on a journey, like cycling through a Tron-grid landscape to launching into a euphoric stratosphere.
I am drawn to this album especially after watching Netflix's Stranger Things and there are some songs that would fit perfectly in that show, such as Prototype and Interference. There are also some incredibly catchy synth-pop tunes such as Real Love (which is actually my favourite track from the LP), Sunrise Song, Moonrise, and Free! An awesome album guys! Stream it below!