John Joseph Brill Premieres 'Kings' Music Video
John Joseph Brill has unveiled the captivating visuals for his new single ‘Kings’, out now through Killing Moon Records. This is the follow-up to EP title track ‘False Names’, recorded at Liverpool's Elevator Studios, which is also out now. Loving his vocals!! The video, created by Andrew Gibbs, features a plasticine version of himself, slowly ageing as life takes its toll.
Speaking about the video John Joseph explains:
Kings is a song about the loss of innocence and the realisation that you as an individual are mortal and alone. With the video we wanted to speak to the horror of that, my plasticine head ageing and growing more grotesque as life takes its toll like some sort of claymation Dorian Gray seemed an appropriate representation of that horror. At the same time the plasticine creates an artificial almost playful suspension of disbelief much as our brains do in regard to death and the passage of time.”

Forthcoming live dates:
Virgin People festival – 9th July
Standon Calling - 30th July
Wilderness festival – 6th August