Alternative Rock/Hip-Hop Quintet Milton J and The Leftovers have released the visuals for their cool new single, Killing Dreams, off of their upcoming Vain Wisdom album. The song combines the compositional depth of a fully rounded instrumental orchastration with sharp, provocatively subversive lyrics. Loving the rap part!

Milton J said:
The track was an opportunity for me to express the frustration and struggle that I’ve been experiencing for the past few years. This industry is like modern day politics, so dependent on its formulaic copies of artists that have come and gone. The point of this song was to address the questions as to why business and politics have taken the ability to have a voice in our society. Its was also there to demonstrate the range of abilities our band has.

Band Line-up:
Milton J / Milton Jose Ludington - Frontman/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Kristina Hong - Lead Guitar and Visuals
Silverio Montano, Jr. - DJ/Back-up Vocals
Edward Hong/ Good ‘Ol Boy - Bass/Back-up Vocals
Garrett Hall - Drums