I'm Not Right (XY&O)
Welsh electronic-pop group XY&O have unveiled their latest tune, I'm Not Right. This is an infectious Electro-Pop tune perfect for the summer that is just around the corner! The track has an unmistakable XY&O sound with Nick Kelly’s guitar riff glazing over the top of the opening recording of the sea at Penarth coast (near Cardiff, Wales). It is the last track to be released from their debut EP, Shimmer + Shade, out now. 

Here's what the guys had to say about this gem:

Tudor Davies (Programming):
With ‘I’m Not Right’ I wanted to do something moodier than our previous tracks. I jammed with a few ideas before the piano riff came to mind and I was instantly excited by it. It’s flooded with attitude and a retro-inspired feel. From there the rest of the instrumental fell into place pretty quickly, leaving us with a beat that was markedly less sunshine-inspired than our other songs but distinctly bolder.

Skip Curtis (Vocals):
I wrote the lyrics to I’m Not Right a while back. It’s a pretty self-explanatory song title and sums up the content. It’s a song about being honest enough to walk away from a bad situation (as good as it may feel at the time). The track was initially just going to be a demo idea that wasn’t going to see the light of day. We played it live a few times and the response was incredible so we decided to push the track as a single.

Nick Kelly (Guitar):
I’m Not Right came together in our early stages and later developed to what it is today. The bouncy feel of the track left a lot of space for us to experiment with intertwining vocal and guitar melodies that made it what it is. It’s definitely a fun one to play live”