Time for a wicked blend of Grime and R&B! Production duo Sticky Blood have unveiled their brand new single, Garn Again, featuring Snowy and Yxngz. The song is pounding with deep bass tones, twists of a grime mind set and R&B sonics that fit impressively well together. The adventurous and explorative characteristics of the track are exactly what identifies this as a Sticky Blood production. Featuring Snowy, who was recently highlighted as one of the top MC’s outside of London by Complex and Yxngz, the pair offer opposing additions to the track. Snowy gives a nod to the grime scene forefathers and some meaty punchlines as he thunders over the beat like a juggernaut and Yxngz provides a soft, harmonious hook before slipping in to a melodic emcee offering in the final verse.