Max Jury Premieres 'Numb' Music Video
Singer songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa, Max Jury, has unveiled the official music video for his brand new single Numb. Loving the song and his soulful vocals. Simply amazing guys!! The single evokes the longing to escape, something he knows best since he left Iwoa to move to London. The accompanying video brings to mind Jean Luc Godard work with the Rolling Stones on ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ with its director Daniel Brereton saying:
‘The song to me has real depth and warmth, and so we wanted to create an honest feeling to the video. We achieved this by shooting on 16mm film, and paying attention to details like colour and composition.’

Max commented:
‘I wrote this song about two years ago on an acoustic guitar in my bedroom. It was a bit of a journal entry. Just sort of trying to make sense of how stuck I felt that particular summer. When I started recording the album at Electric Lady, I played it for Inflo (producer) and he was moved by it. So we decided to give it a crack and it ended up coming together as a gospel- driven, almost celebratory tune which in turn gave the song a sense of hope and redemption’.