Indie band New Mayans drop new EP
Indie rock band, New Mayans, dropped their invigorating new EP, Crimes, painting the musical landscape of a distant and surreal fantasy world. The band presents an epic fusion of distorted guitar work and blaring, sonorous vocals leaving fans head-banging their way through an intense sonic experience.

Crimes transports fans further into the cosmic world composed of influences from art rock and cinematic fantasy that display the alluring diversity to edgy alt-rock, which the group is known for producing.
I've got to say I am really into all of these 4-tracks. From the ballad Universe to the edgy guitar licks of the title track Crimes. Jezebel is my favourite track with its monstrous guitar work and infectious melodies. New Mayans remind me a bit of Bowie meets Muse meets Morrissey. If you're into alternative/indie rock than you will love this EP guys! Check it out below!