FEMME & HITS 'O' GOOD Remix Puzzle's 'Trial By Fire'
Brazilian-born, London-based collaborative artist and musician PUZZLE released his new single, Trial By Fire, on February 26th and now it receives a pair of essential reworkings from FEMME and HITS '’O’' GOOD.

The track, already a hard hit of fearless dark pop with an intoxicatingly anthemic chorus, is pushed out into impelling new areas with the pair of essential remixes.

First remix is brought by female-power pop siren FEMME which gives the track a throwback minimal garage vibe with a stimulating two-step beat bouncing over deadly, dirty synths, providing an undeniable groove.

Next up we have the remix by legendary duo HITS’ 'O' ’GOOD. The pair, aka Itay Steinberg and Harel Tsemah, bring to the table their infectious electronic and melodic sound. The guys give the track a House rework with bubbling synths set over echoing choir vocals and guitar twangs to capture a bracing, upbeat side to the track that will instantly become crucial. I also love that there's somewhat of a Tropical vibe here and it is my favourite remix of this song!