Pop artist Airi Mori has released her latest single: Fading. This song is packed with cool and light beats, sweeping synth notes and a clean electronic aesthetic, recalling the bright sound of nineties dance pop. Navigated by the driving force of the beat, the song has a captivating rhythm as it drifts through a light and wondrous contemplation of love. Her smooth vocals navigate this song so effortlessly and are quite hypnotic!

Born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, Airi Mori fell deep in love with American pop from greats like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Mori describes hearing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” for the first time as being struck like thunder and unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. This would form the foundation of inspiration that drove Airi Mori to pursue her dream to create her own soulful and moving music. After dancing in Japanese television commercials and performing at the famous Tokyo venue, Ebisu Garden Place, Mori knew it was time to take her pursuits to the next level and in 2013 moved to Los Angeles to study music business, production and recording. In 2014, Mori released her single, “Heartbeat,” a soulful ballad that demonstrated her breathtaking and powerful vocal abilities. Airi Mori is currently working on her upcoming album, Reasons of Love, due out next year.