Indie/Electronic artist, Deja Mae, has unveiled her brand new EP: Sloan. In this 8-track package Deja expands her path of gorgeous yet haunting melodies paved with an industrial edge. Packed with a swirling ocean of mechanical notes and cinematic strings, Sloan is Mae’s most ambitious and fully realized release to date and is now available on iTunes, TIDAL, and Spotify.

Demetrus is one of my favourite songs from this EP. It is a perfect mix of industrial electronic sounds with an ethereal vibe and haunting melodies. Loving those synths!  We Just Wish finds Mae in a wistful state of contemplation and nostalgia. As her vocals echo in layers of reverberation, they become lost in an ethereal sonic wave. Positioning herself in a cloud of digital beauty and ambiguity, Deja Mae continues to leave fans in awe of her captivating and unpredictable sound. Sloan is a stunning showcase of everything that the artist is capable of.