Loose Buttons
Native New York quartet Loose Buttons have premiered the VHS-hued music video for their new single Thrill. If you're into indie rock than you're in for a treat!
I am loving the energy of their own fun-loving brand of indie rock. This signature sound is abundant in this song, which features an infectious vocal melody on top of driving bass, anthemic riffs and pounding percussion. 

The music video itself plays out something like indie rock’s answer to The Hangover - an over-the-top summer night spent alongside trusted partners in crime, pursuing nothing but a good time and the chance to wreak a little good-old-fashioned havoc. The video’s VHS-style aesthetics were achieved by director JD Aronson, who shot ‘Thrill’ digitally before transferring the footage to tape to create the signature grainy and saturated style seen in the final version.
Loose Buttons are: Eric Nizgretsky, Zack Kantor, Manny Silverstein, Adam Holtzberg