Evening guys. So week 2 of X-Factor UK's auditions has ended and it had good singers but not that many amazing ones. However I can highligh my 5 amazing auditions & singers. Simon Lynch did a STUNNING rendition of Beyoncé's If I Were A Boy and what a VOICE!! Amazing vocal range and loved his falsetto. Definitely a favourite. And it doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes as well! hehe

Then the other performance I loved was Stephanie McCourt's rendition of Summertime. She got a second chance and sang this one with lots of soul and everybody loved it!! Then we had Bupsi Brown! She started very soft and then Simon asked her to be nasty, and nasty she did! What a performance. I really liked her vocals as well! Nice one! Hannah Marie Kilminster did a very solid rendition of Queen's Somebody To Love and tonight's show ended with Anton Stephans' soulful performance of Jennifer Hudson's I Am Changing! Enjoy!