Glow In The Dark (Beyond Beats ft. Ellie Dubin)
Beyond Beats returns with his best single to date. Glow In the Dark is a bold new single showing off his ability as a progressive house solo artist. The deep groove and hauntingly beautiful lyrical presence of debut singer / songwriter Ellie Dubin on vocals give this track a standout quality that is often hard to come by in an oversaturated genre. Her lyrics and voice and his production have come together and joined forces for a killer dance track. 

This release comes with a sick remix package by DJ Knowledge and Myadd (who speed things up a bit into an even more energetic and electro-progressive track). REDgreenBLUE’s remix throws a little shuffle in the beat with some nice synths to build up into the drop. Capturing the ears of multiple audiences, this song is the perfect mix of female vocals, progressive house energy, and lyrical melodies. Check it out below!