Acoustic Indie Pop artist Gabe Kubanda has released the official music video for his new single: Don't By Lying. This catchy pop tune is taken from his new album, Flow Fail Prevail, which is out now on iTunes. The video, which includes Gabe's friends Cassie Aguiar, Alexis Ayala, & Helena Debrot, was directed by Matty Steinkamp of Sundawg Media and filmed entirely in Phoenix, Arizona.

Speaking about the song, Gabe said:
Don't Be Lying is about how we tend to either hype up our lives and stories to others and then believe how "great" we are, or how we downplay our worth, telling ourselves that we can't go on, or can't make a difference, and start to believe that as well. Two sides of the coin I guess. But we all do it. We convince ourselves to give up, that life is too hard, or the exact opposite. I do it sometimes, and it's just a great reminder to me to be humble and stay honest with myself. Sometimes our minds are the easiest things to trick. :)