Listen To: Kiss My Ass (Anjelia Pelay)

Kiss My Ass (Anjelia Pelay)

Los Angeles based Country singer-songwriter Anjelia Pelay is releasing today her debut country single Kiss My Ass. This is a very catchy Country tune with Southern Rock and rock influences, and is about a woman walking away from a relationship with a self-centered man. I can easily imagine this song being played on the Nashville TV series (which I love). Like for real, it would be a great track for Hayden Panettiere's character Juliette Barnes! That melody is infectious!! Really loving the song guys!! This sick tune is taken from her new EP Heart Decides. Anjelia chose to release this single today because:
February 1st is the anniversary of my father's passing from cancer. He was an amazing country blues guitar player, my muse, inspiration, and best friend. There will also be an autobiographical song on the EP called "Heart Of Gold" that I wrote about him. 
Have a listen to the song below and make sure you get it on iTunes right now!
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