Diamond (Jay Brown)
Hey guys! Have a listen to Diamond, Jay Brown's gorgeous new single set for release on December 15th on Turn First Records. This is a very emotional slow-burning ballad, which according to Jay is about:
finding out who you are, realising that it’s OK to make mistakes. To be excited about the moment, and the possibilities of what you may become. No matter what your past may be. Breaking through fear and battling the pain to move forward. Trusting in your instincts, keeping your inner child and imagination. Loving yourself which in turn will allow others to love you back.
I am loving it! Her vocals are amazing and the harmonies are brilliant! Jay now has her own five–piece band, including cellist Val, and is gearing up a full band show at The Tooting Tram & Social on December 10th, and a headline show to follow on February 23rd 2015 at The Waiting Room, in association with Communion.