The Ting Tings 'Super Critical' Out Now
Hey guys! Today the Ting Tings release their new album, Super Critical. I expected great things after the premiere of the 1st single Wrong Club. They took advantage of the Disco revival brought by Daft Punk and released an amazing album! The 1st single introduced a new sound from this duo and the general consensus is that it was (still is) a huge hit! Then it came Do It Again with that gorgeous acoustic guitar melody. I went crazy for it and still can't stop listening to it! The title track is a groovy tune with a sick percussion, I love it!
This is a great warm and modern disco album, with great dance tunes that will keep you moving! And then we have Wabi Sabi, the "ballad" off the record. Here the vocals are the #1 star and the melody is very soothing and infectious. It is a perfect song to sit back for a while (or for a slow dance). I adore every single song but my favourites, apart from Wrong Club and Do It Again, are Super Critical, Communication, Wabi Sabi, Failure and Only Love