19 (Mont Oliver)
Danish Indie Trip hop three piece Mont Oliver have just premiered their new single 19. Jacob Hammershøj’s' vocals are quite distinctive and give the track that cool edge. If you're into indie/pop music with a catchy beat this one is for you. His soulful vocals are very captivating and the song is very soothing! This is the title track of their upcoming debut FREE EP out on November 17th via Fake Diamond Records. Mont Oliver mix elements of trip-hop, raw percussion and melodic indie influences to create a truly unique sound.

Mont Oliver are: Jakob Hammershøj, Niels Christian Sommer and Mads Bernt Pedersen
Mont Oliver are about to embark on a 22 date tour of their native country Denmark, kicking off on October 30th. The band will also be appearing at this year’s POPNOTPOP Festival in Stuttgart, German in November.