Vintage Blue Release 'No Going Back' EP

Chicago’s Vintage Blue has a new EP, No Going Back, and it sounds amazing guys. If you're into indie/pop-rock you will love the EP. It contains 6 gorgeous songs with catchy hooks and killer melodies. Let Go is one of my favourite songs, it has a more rock feel to it, great drums and just love the harmony. It is a perfect song for the radios! No Going Back is my #1 tune off this EP. Love piano-based tunes and this one is right up my alley. Love the way the melody builds with with the piano chords, then a sick drum beat and finally joined by the guitars. I'm really loving the bridge of this song! Carolina is incredibly catchy and just makes me want to sing along but I really shouldn't otherwise people will go insane with my pitchy voice haha. Have a listen to the EP below and also some older songs. I'm happy I've been introduced to this band! Enjoy!