Julian & Der Fux To Release Mr. King EP
Hallo, wie geht's? And that's my German for the day hehe. Julian & Der Fux are an electronic outfit based out of Vienna, Austria and will release a new EP, Mr. King, on Jhruza Records on June 13th!

I was drawn to the title track for the German (if I'm not mistaken) spoken word vocal, bumpy bass lines and gorgeous synths. Following this original release we have remixes by MOTSA, Telonius, Denis Yashin and Lizer M. . My favourite remix is Telonius' take of their single Hin Und Weg, giving it hypnotic atmospherics with psychedelic touches. Perfect to just let go and dance! My other favourite remix is Lizer M.'s bass heavy interpretation of Without You! If you guys like House music you will love this release! Have a listen to it below!