Running With Scissors (Janet Devlin)
My folk-pop princess, Janet Devlin, will finally release her debut album, Running With Scissors, on June 9th and I've been lucky enough to listen to the entire album in advance! It made me feel happy and cheerful. There are some extremely catchy melodies and great lyrics here. The sweet and quirky voice of hers is what makes the album unique and even more bubbly. She's like a fairy-folk princess spreading love and good vibes with her music, hehe.
Devlin wrote most of the songs and got some co-writing with big stars such as Newton Faulkner (Creatures of The Night and Hide And Seek) and Jack Savoretti (Delicate). On this album we have a good mix between upbeat pop-folk tunes such as Wonderful, Hide And Seek, Creatures Of The Night and House Of Hards and the gorgeous ballads like Things We Lost In The Fire, Whiskey Lullabies and Delicate. Lifeboat has a very strong Jack Johnson vibe thanks to the offbeat guitars. We have also a gorgeous cover of The Cure's Friday I'm In Love, which to me has a big potential as a single! For a major debut album this is amazing and full of rolling percussion, lush harmonies, string sections and acoustic guitars. You guys know I'm a sucker for acoustic guitars!!
She's an incredible storyteller but it is her voice that takes it to a whole different level. We can see influences from Imogen Heap, Turin Brakes, Jack Johnson, Adele, Mumford & Sons, Avril Lavigne, Regina Spektor and Florence & The Machine. It is an album worth listening and perfect for the radio. I see big things for her if this is well promoted. It's a 10 out of 10 for me, I see no flaws!! Now what would make me EXTREMELY happy would be a signed copy of the album (pretty please?!). Janet also has her album launch party at Jazz Café on Wednesday June 11th and I can't go since I am miles and miles away (which is killing me not to be able to be there). Check out the album sampler below!