Hey guys! I want to introduce you to Manchester-based band: Peur. This alternative-rock trio, Joe Lomax, Ryan Greenhalgh, and Sam Tempest, has released its stunning EP, We Can Build Astronauts, and I love it! They draw their influences from bands such as Muse, 30 Seconds to mars, Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, Biffy Clyro and many more. If you happen to love these bands you will sure appreciate the music Peur have to offer. They formed earlier in 2013 but show a tremendous talent to write music that appeals to the masses and gives me that vibe from Muse and Placebo. This 5-track EP hits you with killer drums, full throttle guitars and bass that just make you want to dance like a maniac! Grey Blood is a concoction of mainstream rock, hard rock and a surprising harmonica solo. It stands out and I love it! Empires is a song that appeal to those bass guitar loves, it is loud and energetic! Pursued By Bears is another song that I love from this EP. It is a catchy attitude-packed track with a killer bass! The icing on the cake is the stunning vocals that, to me, makes them stand out and hopefully become a big act in the UK and worldwide! Check out the video for Anarchy below! If you love rock music you will love this band!