Hey guys! Time for some fresh music! Check out A Lonely Man, Daniel James' new single. Daniel is a 23 year-old singer from Northern Ireland and has released this year 2 singles, Jackdaw and The Stone and the Hollow, which got played on BBC Radio 1 Introducing show. This is such a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics and I just love this groovy nu folk/gospel sound. The guitar-based track got me hooked after the very first listen and I am now a fan. He has a lovely voice and is a talented writer so you better keep an eye on this man!! Daniel James explains this song as: 
'A Lonely Man' is based on parallel stories. One part expresses my own struggles with everyday life and another part expresses my imagination of what 'struggling' actually entails. Researching old reference books and documentaries, I focussed on the struggle of the slaves in chain gangs in America in the nineteenth century. I tried to harness old slave/gospel type vocal rhythms in the track to reflect the parallel story. 'A Lonely Man' is a story of one man's battle, both real and imagined.
If you are in the UK, he's playing a free show this evening at Bar Music Hall, Shoreditch, stage time is 7.30pm. So don't miss out this great opportunity to see him live!!