Hey guys. I wanted to introduce you to a new electro pop band. They are called F.O.X. and they were created in January 2013. This is a female fronted electro group from Essex and the members are Mitzi Fox, Darren Barker and Patrick Monahan. They have released their debut album, Chimera, and were lucky enough to support Depeche Mode's The Delta Machine Tour back in May!! 
I have listened to their album and got to say they are pretty good. You get 13 beautiful electro-pop songs that will keep you dancing and my favourite songs are: Black & Blue - a catchy and energetic song with a killer drumbeat where Mitzi's vocals shine bright!! Airspace for the synths and the catchy chorus. Heart Full Of Sharp Stone is the "ballad" off the album. It sounds something that Florence & The Machine would record but it still has that particular edge F.O.X. brings. I am a sucker for songs with a piano so there's no surprise why I LOVE this song. Show Emotion has a catchy electronic beat and I am sure it will please most people. I Sing We Sing is an anthemic track, perfect to end a set. It is catchy and with a carnival feel to it. Overall this is a solid and very good work of art for a first album. We can see what is their influence and I think the world needed a band like this. They have all it takes to be a big worldwide act. If you love high energy electro-pop music this one is for you!