Rousing dance/pop artist, ASTRAEA, released last week her new single Still Dancing on iTunes. This is a smooth mid-tempo dance groove about a girl waiting for a boy so they can dance the night away together, but when he doesn't show up so she dances alone until the sun comes up because nothing frees you more than dancing. I am really LOVING this song, it reminds me of Gaga's The Fame type of music! It is on constant repeat now!! The song was produced by Sven Martin & Julian Schramm and is written by ASTRAEA, Katrina Noorbergen, Rob Clores, and Dimitri Ehrilich.  The remix package will be released digitally on iTunes August 20th and includes remixes by Rich Morel, Bill Hamel, American Heavyweights Sin Morera & Fumi, Serial Refixer Chew Fu, and more. Check out a preview of the song below!