Hey guys. As you might know, I am the only one managing the blog and trying to keep it always updated with the latest news and also introducing you to new acts. Sadly I can't always be here because I've got a job (I need to pay my bills :) ). And I really don't want the blog to suffer to my lack of time. I am doing the best job I can to maintain the blog always updated but it is taking a toll on me, especially my health. Anyway... The purpose of this post is to ask for someone interested in helping me out. All I need is someone eager to write and share the news with everybody. A couple of posts per day would be great... Well... even 1 post a day would help me out. As you know from reading the blog, you don't need to write a lot. The information is as direct and concise so it won't take that long. My main goal with getting a collaborator is to free my time to focus on the new artists I introduce here. So if anyone is interested just email me at caesarlivenloud@gmail.com 
Thank you so much for visiting the blog! :)