Listen To: Deadcast004 (DeadExit)

Quem gosta de Bass music?? Bem aqui têm para download totalmente gratuito a mais recente "Deadcast" dos DeadExit. Belo mix de 10 minutos e podem ouvir e sacar os anteriores no soundcloud oficial. Todos os domingos por volta das 19 eles lançam um novo mix. Estou a amar!

Who loves Bass music? Well here you have DeadExit's latest mix "Deadcast004". Such a BEAUTIFUL example of great Bass music :) A cool 10 minute mix that you can download for free! There are also some previous Deadcasts that you can download on their official soundcloud account. These mixes come out every SUNDAY at 7pm GMT so keep checking back for new mixes each week...
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