Standard edition

deluxe edition
Robbie Williams regressará ao panorama musical a solo com o seu novo álbum Take The Crown que sairá a 5 de Novembro! Confiram as capas e o alinhamento oficiais!

Robbie Williams is back to his solo music career with a brand new album, Take The Crown, out on November 5th! Check out both artworks and the official tracklisting!

Tracklist : 

1. Be A Boy 
2. Gospel 
3. Candy 
4. Different 
5. Shit On The Radio 
6. All That I Want 
7. Hunting For You 
8. Into The Silence 
9. Hey Wow
 Yeah Yeah 
10. Not Like The Others 
11. Losers (featuring Lissie)

Deluxe : 

12. Reverse 
13. Eight Letters 


1. Making The Album – It’s Not Like The Others (Behind The Scenes) 
2. The Candyman Day 1 (Behind The Scenes) 
3. The Candyman Day 2 (Behind The Scenes)