Here I introduce you to FallsStart. This band comes from Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a 3-piece rock/punk band comprised of singer/rhythm guitarist/bassist/violinist Davey Leatherwood, lead guitarist/manager Adrian Cottmeyer, and drummer Jaron Seui If you're a rock/punk music lover you will really like this band. We can compare their sound to bands like Paramore and Yellowcard. They will release their 2nd EP, Our Summer, on August 10th and I've had the chance to listen to it and I just love it! The title track is my favourite track off this EP and I should also point out Carnivale, it is very upbeat and has a very catchy hook and chorus. Love how Davey's voice sounds in this song! I really think you will like this band. You can listen below to their tracks, both from this EP and their debut CD: Casus Incipient!