Davey Suicide
Here I introduce you to Davey Suicide. I just want to say I am sooooo excited to feature him on the blog. As soon as I saw and heard his music video, Generation Fuck Star, I fell in love with it. He mixes heavy metal, punk and industrial into catchy songs that just pumps me up. I feel so energized right now! He comes from Los Angeles and his bandmates are Frankie Sil [Bass], Ben Graves [Drums], Needlz [Keyboards], and Eric Griffin [Guitar]. I've been reading some comments about him saying he's bringing back the 90s Marylin Manson era and I am sure glad for that. The music world needs more songs like this, I just LOVE IT. Generation Fuck Star is the 1st single of his upcoming self-titled debut album and it sets the tone of the entire record. Just love the intense industrialized guitar and the hook just kills me. Love love it! The music video concept was created by Davey himself showcasing both his musical and visual talent! Check him out and support him! Can't wait for the album to come out later this summer!