Azealia Banks' 1991

So this FANTASTIC EP starts out with the title track “1991” (named presumably because that was the year she was born).  And let me just say, this song is total FIRE!!  The song starts out with a few seconds of the beat (which is fantastically made, like nothing heard prior) and some ambient noise, then out of nowhere, this little spitfire MC just goes in HARD.  I would love to comment on the lyrics, but Banks’ spit is so fast that I couldn’t pick up some defining lyrics, besides the “bitch”’s and tid bits of French pastries mentioned.  Another one of Banks’ talents is her singing, you would never expect it from an MC to sing like a pro, but she does!!  She sings out the song at the end, and then lets the beat just totally finish the song out.  However this song is a total blast, it’s very urban outfitters cool along with a kind of spit that just screams underground rap scene.  The first song on this (let me say it again) FANTASTIC EP is a total hit.  Worth a listen 1000%.

Van Vogue
The second track on this EP is “Van Vogue”, and it totally lives up to its fashion-esque title.  The song is riddled with some sample, which sounds like Sia’s voice (she’s very hot right now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I am right) and some very 90’s synths.  This song, just like “1991” (the song before it) is a total blast to listen to.  Banks’ does not slow it down here, once again just going at it with “bitch” being tossed in here and there (not that I’m complaining, more of just an observation).  She is rapping at 100mph, here and throughout the whole EP.  The reason that this song is 5min+ is because there is a spoken outro in which (presumably) Banks’ disguised voice just trashes and bashes this “bitch”.  Not that I don’t love a good trash talk, but if I had to choose, I would just listen to the SONG itself, because that is what everyone is here for, and it does not disappoint.  Again, another great great great song. :D

Being Banks’ breakout single, this song already has a lot of opinions attached to it, and not that it needs one more, but there is a reason why this song and this artist is/are so hot right now.  Because this song just does not quit!!  Banks’ goes in with a childish kind of gangsta-bitch flow that is rivaled by only the veteran female rappers of my time (missy, eve, da brat, lil kim, etc.) and Nicki Minaj.  The difference between them and Azealia Banks is that because Banks is still an up-and-comer on the scene, she can get away with being as raunchy and explicit as she wants, as opposed to others, who now have to think about their larger audience now that they are big (not that it will necessarily stop them, but it just has to be a thought now I’m sure…).  I’m talking about the primary use of the c-word (I don’t know who will be offended if this word is being used, and I never use a derogatory word in a derogatory sense, so I will just leave it as the c-word).  ALL THAT ASIDE, this song is the reason why we know Azealia Banks today.  Not only does this song showcase her mad skillz (yeah, skillz, get over it.) but it also demonstrates her singing abilities, which are just leagues better than the current holder of the female MC crown: Nicki Minaj (sorry, I love you, but you just gotta give props where props are due).  This is the most, “childish” (for lack of a better term) that Banks’ sounds on this EP, but make no mistake, her flow is still all her, and that is why we love her.  LONG LIVE AZEALIA in da 212!!!!

This is (arguably) the most “house” track on this EP, but still true to its hip hop nature.  The production on this song is just really well done, with some sort of (again) 90’s vogue-esque synths that just sound incredible against Banks’ voice.  If there’s one song that really showcases Banks’ ability to hold her own against a greatly produced song, it’s this one.  She (again) raps at just 100mph and does not stop, and sings here and there on this track.  This is the final song on the EP and it ends strong.

THIS EP IS AMAZING.  There is a reason why Karl Lagerfeld asked her to perform at HIS HOUSE for his party.  Banks raps like the best of the boys and the top girl (Nicki Minaj) of the moment.  Her singing is also not to be ignored, because it is just so on point with her style that you just can’t help but stand up and applaud after you listen to this EP.  I cannot wait to hear more from this MC, because she is bound to do great things.  If you haven’t discovered or listened to AZEALIA BANKS yet, DO ITTTTTT.  It’s worth it.