Superstar Runner
I am proud to introduce you to Superstar Runner. This singer/songwriter from Springfiled, Missouri, has released his new album, Heritage/Lineage/ Hand Me Downs/Scars (Your Birth Marks Do Not Bother Me),  earlier this year and I had a chance to listen to it on its entirely. Benjamin "Bailie" Johnson created Superstar Runner and through him we are graced with amazing songs. I've listened to several artists in my years and haven't heard one that had such positive message coming through his heart. Honesty, love and acceptance are messages from this album and we can absolutely see it is real, it really comes from his heart. Johnson truly shares his heart with his audience wherever they are: either in venues or in the streets he shares his love and music with us all. It is impossible not to feel good and feel love after listening to this album. This is rare on music these days and I am glad he sticks to his art and just wants to make life better for all of us. Come Home Dylan, Early Child (Whenever You Feel Like Everything's Falling Apart) and Just A Lullaby are my favourite songs off this amazing album. Its simplicity is what made me fall in love with this album and I feel like I know him just from listening to these songs that come straight from his heart. Superstar Runner is defnitely a breath of fresh air to the world we live in, giving us a message of love and hope!