Robert Van Oz
I am proud to introduce you to Robert van Oz, a 23-year-old pianist, singer and songwriter from Northern Germany. Robert's music is an expression and documentation of what moves him and his life's experience. This is how he describes what he does:
I'm here to play my heart out. Creation is my response to anything that causes destruction - it's like easing by playing, you know? Some people write diary, some even ignore what moves them and I document in writing music. Everything I did and still do can be put down to something I'd like to call my 'heartship'. There is no place where my keys and I are home and none where we're not.
Stardust is one of his new songs and all I can say is WOW! Really touching and inspiring to listen. Such a great piano player, singer and songwriter and in such a young age. He describes it:
'Stardust' depicts the battle against transience and our memories' preciousness. We hold stardust in our hands.
This is one of many tracks off his audiovisual song cycle 'Cloudroom House'. You really need to check it out! Wow! I'm a fan now!!:)

Stardust video