Rihanna got booed once again at show in the UK. The barbadian singer got booed on her December 1st show at the O2 Arena in London after arriving 1h late, leaving the fans quite upset. Some concert goers were upset she didn't apologise and also stated her singing wasn't that up to par causing some to leave halfway into the show. This is not the 1st time Rihanna gets booed in the UK, nor is the first time she arrives 1h late and doesn't apologise. Oh Rihanna, we can see you are tired... you need to take a break.

Will.i.am has joined the judging panel of The Voice UK. The Black Eyed Peas frontman has finally agreed with BBC to be one of the judges of this show that is already a huge hit in the US. Will.i.am is reportedly being paid £500,000 for this role and will join Jessie J, Tom Jones Will Young or Ricky Wilson (still to be decided which one of these 2 will be the final judge) as judges on the 2012 The Voice UK.