Hey guys! I've been wanting to review Barry Southgate's EP: Epitome for ages now and only found the time to do it!  I had previously introduced you to this amazing South African native singer! As I told you Barry moved to Autralia to pursue his dreams and now he has come up with a great EP! I already fell in love with Don't You Think So, which I've been listening for the past months and whenever I listen to it I just feel good. It is such a feel-good song it really makes me feel happier when I'm sad! It is definitely an extremely radio-friendly song to listen anywhere! Summer Night is another great song, the love song of this 5-song EP. I can relate to the lyrics of the song! It is THE ballad!! If you guys like to shake it a bit more than The Fall is the right track for you since it is the most uptempo song of the EP! Than we have Against A Wall... all I can say is wow and, according to Barry, is the most personal song of EP!!! You is the track that shows off most of the R&B/Soul roots with a killer drum loop! Overall the EP is a great listen, all 5 songs are a breath of fresh air to what's going on the music world nowadays. Barry brings a fusion of r&b/soul and pop music with positive and uplifting lyrics! His lovely voice shines throughout the EP and we must give him props for not falling into the "auto-tune" craze that is ruling the recording industry! So you must not miss out this great EP and you can buy it now on iTunes!! Let us support the new artists! :)