Introducing: Oh Condor
Here I introduce you to Oh Condor. This band has been around for over 10 years and was formerly known as 8-Bit Revival and decided to change the name (due to mistaken identities issues) and are now on the process of putting the new name out there! This is a band from Dayton, Ohio and its members are: Shane Weber, Tim Krug, Jayson Hartings and Alan Baker. One can classify their genre as indie meets alternative rock with some hints of shoegaze, so there's the british influence on their music! :) They have recently released a new album titled You've Been Believed! I really appreciate a good alternative rock music and it's just what they offer! :) There are several cool tracks but I'm just going to highlight my favourites: Wake Up (I love the melody and especially the beginning of the song), Man Made Gods is another great track I just close my eyes and picture the drums and all of them playing on a friendly pub. Politics Are Better At Night is another favourite of mine and is the "slowest" song of the record, I love this song, the guitars, the voice, everything about it! :) I strongly recommend this band to all of you music lovers, especially to those that love alternative rock! :) !