Hi guys! Hope you're having a great day. This is a new segment on the blog that I hope to explore further more! :) Last week(April 14th)  I had the chance to interview the lovely Shirin. For those that don't know her she's an upcoming pop star in the UK and is currently in the US promoting her music! On this interview we discussed her music inspirations, artists she'd love to work with, eurovision, whether or not she would love to act, and much more. Click Read More to check out the interview with this lovely lady! :)

CLNL: What are you doing in the states?
Shirin: I’ve been out here for a week and a half so far. I’m doing lots of press interviews, like what I’m doing right now with you. Been doing some meetings with labels, done a couple of performances. I’ll be here for 6 weeks in total and so were off to LA on Monday and we’ve recorded 9 new tracks since I’ve been here.
CLNL:How long can we wait until we listen to those new tracks
Shirin: I don’t really now to be honest. I’ve released the Afternoon Tea Ep back in march and have a big catalogue of music right now and the idea is to get on the radar for some record labels and get this music out on an album. I’d love to see it out by the end of this year, beginning of next year!
CLNL: What’s on Ipod at the moment?
Shirin: What’s on my Ipod at the moment. I have to say I l’m loving Jazzmine Sullivan's new album, Love Me back, so I’m listening to that. I was introduced to Kim Burrell, a lot of soul music. That’s what I’m loving
CLNL: Are you pursuing more soul music on your next album?
Shirin: Hmm I think, you know, where I am right now with my career and being so young as well is quite fun to do the pop thing and with a soul element in the vocals. So I’m really enjoying where I am in my career and in the future I’d love to do a soul album, for sure. And get some live musicians on it as well, so fingers crossed we can do that in the future!
CLNL:If you weren’t a singer what job would you choose?
Shirin: I love music so I know I have to be around it in some way. Even if it is just working in pubs, singing in pubs or working on a cruise line, or doing musicals. I have to be involved with music someway!
CLNL: How do you describe your music?
Shirin: A mixture of pop, rnb, dubstep and electro.
CLNL: dubstep very in right now. Britney used it on her album
Shirin: yeah. It’s really good.
CLNL: still I think the electro pop music does much better in Europe rather the us. It’s mostly rnb and rap that owns the charts in the us
Shirin: yeah. I think it will do better in Europe.
CLNL: Do you have a particular singer/songwriter you’d love to work with?
Shirin: My complete Idol, and it would be a dream to work with , is Stevie Wonder. That’s one of my hopes and dreams: to one day get to meet the man and work with him. Fingers crossed!
CLNL: What about one of the current pop stars like Ke$ha, Jessie J…
Shirin: I absolutely adore Jessie J. I’ve know her for some years. I’ve watched her progression on facebook (Cause I was a friend of hers on facebook). And I’d just have to say yeah.. I’d love to work with her in the future and I think it would be great as British artists as well, to collaborate. As well as… I love Adele. She’s taking over globally right now and everyone is falling in love with her. And she has such a great personality, so it would be great to work with her.
CLNL: Jessie J is currently in the states so maybe you 2 should get together and discuss something
Shirin: Yeah. I know she’s very busy as well. That would be great if we could. We never know who you’re gonna bump into over here!
CLNL: What are your music inspirations?
Shirin: Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, India Arie, and so many more.
CCLNL: Have you ever consider acting?
Shirin: Definitely. I studied drama while I was in school. Is definitely one of my passions. And I think being in the entertainment industry anyway, you kind of try to get involved into every different markets and express yourself creatively in many different ways, and I think that’s definitely something I’d love to do in the future!
CLNL: What genres would you love to be in?
Shirin: I’m a total film fanatic. My perfect Friday night is stay in and curl up in my duvet and watch films. I would really do any style of film. I love horrors, rom-coms, anything really. It would be just great to be a part of it.
CLNL: Scream 4 is premiering tomorrow. Will you watch it?
Shirin: I saw the adverts for it. I really want to see it. It looks good. It’s very challenging as well when you’re doing sequels to such a big film and make it still interesting. It looks like it will be a very good film!
CLNL: If you were given the chance to represent the Uk in Eurovision would you love to?
Shirin: You know that’s so funny. When I was like 14 or 15 I got down to the final 12 of junior eurovision and that’s something I completely forgot on taking part. Eurovision is such a big thing. The UK really needs somebody strong to do it, to have a strong concept, a strong song and I’m some proud to come from there and be part of Europe and really represent Europe globally., it would be a great experience. And I love watching it every year!
CLNL: What do you think of Blue’s song “I Can”?
Shirin: I think it’s fantastic.
CLNL: do you think you (UK) will win?
Shirin: Who knows. I don’t know, fingers crossed. If enough people vote for us..
CLNL: You’ve been compared to artists like Rihanna, Amerie and Gaga. How do you feel about that?
Shirin: wow. Just for being mentioned it is a great honor to be compared to women like them. Having somebody putting that on and say that and make such a bold statement is the most I could ever ask. It’s just a great compliment and I hope to live up to people’s expectations.
CLNL: Live and unsigned. You’ve made it to the final?
Shirin: semi-finals actually. It is amazing and I’m going to compete on May 21st
CLNL: I’ve read that your name has a meaning
Shirin: yes. It is Iranian and it means sweet,
CLNL: hmm I see now the inspiration for the Taking You Away video :P
Shirin: yeah hehe.
CLNL: Magazines you would love to cover?
Shirin: elle, cosmopolitan, vogue,.. you know those magazines my female peers are on.
CLNL: What’s your favorite food?
Shirin: I love food. I’m kind of a sweet tooth so I would say a piece of Raspberry chocolate cheesecake.
CLNL: hehe. It’s good but bad for your health.
Shirin: it would be just a small piece :)
CLNL: Which countries would you love to visit?
Shirin: I would love to explore more of Europe and go to countries like Portugal, Spain, Sweden,…
CLNL: Haha. I’m from Madeira. Ever heard of it?
Shirin: Yes. My friends went there last year. I’ve been to Norway, the scenery and the shops are fabulous. Maybe I should get a car and travel across Europe!
CLNL: If the world doesn’t ends next year, where would you like to be in 5 years?
Shirin: (Laughs) in 5 years time I would like to do another interview with you (hehe). And also selling out stadium tours, maybe be on my 2nd or 3rd album and mentoring a new artist
CLNL: Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you all the best for your carreer!
Shirin: Thank you for having the interest on interviewing me!
CLNL: Take care and talk to you soon!
Shirin: You too. Bye