Well and I HAD to give you all my input on Britney's new single. As a fan I'll try to be a bit less biased :). I've been listening to this song nonstop for 10h now and I'm not tired! :) I was afraid it was sound just like the demo but thankfully is a billion times better, edgier! Thee lyrics are what we already expected: horniness ;) The whole song give us that desire of wanting a body :P. Oh the beat is incredible, the chorus amazing, it reminds me Shattered Glass (That I loved)! I thank God that it doesn't sound like any other song on the radio now and Max Martin & Dr. Luke managed to create a great pop song that will please even the non britney lovers :) I loved the part where she says "a little hay-zay", priceless! And now for my favourite part: the breakdown!!! OMG, the best! "If I said I want your body, would you hold it against me?” starts the breakdown and is lead to a very cool dubstep "all hands in the air" part that I absolutely adore and am sure it will be huge in the clubs! Another positive thing in this song: the autotune isn't that heavy, we can notice her voice (thank God, I love her voice as it is). I have great hopes for this song, I believe it will be big, really big as it is much better than her latest #1 singles Womanizer and 3! So guys don't forget to buy it tomorrow! :)