10. Susan Boyle - "Perfect Day"
9. Kings Of Leon - "Radioactive"
8. Michael Jackson - "One More Chance"
7. Countess Luann - "Money Can't Buy You Class"
6. Miley Cyrus - "Can't Be Tamed"
5. Imperial Stars - "Traffic Jam 101"
4. Anouska De Georgiou - "Bad Girls"
3. Angelina Pivarnick - "I'm Hot"
2. Dries Roelvink - "Alleen Door Jou"
1. Christina Aguilera - "Not Myself Tonight"
'80s rocker Billy Squier can blame his cringeworthy "Rock Me Tonite" video for the downfall of his career. Xtina can blame this trying-too-hard trainwreck, which kicked off a very bad year, professionally and personally, for the once-unstoppable diva. Despite her earlier affirmations that she wanted to be more conservative now that she was a mom, it seemed obvious that she felt pressured to compete in an increasingly sexualized pop marketplace as she released her first album in four years. And this transparent and desperate ploy to keep up with the Gagas was, frankly, embarrassing to watch. Overt sexuality from Xtina was nothing new, of course, but the iconography of her previous racy vids, like the David La Chappelle-directed foxy boxing clip "Dirrty," at least seemed unique, thoroughly Xtina's own. However, much of the imagery in "Not Myself Tonight" seemed borrowed from other artists--namely Madonna and, yes, Lady Gaga. Perhaps the most "shocking" thing about this video wasn't its sexually graphic imagery, but its lack of originality. The sad thing is, as one of the few truly vocally gifted female pop singers recording today, Christina didn't need to do this to be heard.