Durante uma conversa no Ustream Michelle Branch revelou que o seu próximo álbum irá voltar às raízes pop. Ela esteve em Londres a trabalhar com os produtores Jim Irvin e Julian Emrey (McFly, Boyzone, Guetta). Ela já referiu que o seu tema favorito deste álbum é The Story Of Us e já tem 11 a 12 temas prontos para começar a gravar em Janeiro. Ela disse que este álbum terá uma sonoridade mais parecida à do seu álbum de estreia, The Spirit Room (eu sei que ela teve um antes mas este é o seu álbum de estreia com grande discográfica). O álbum deverá sair no Verão de 2011.

During a UStream chat Michelle Branch revealed that her next album will go back to her pop roots. She was in London working with writers/producers Jim Irvin and Juliam Emrey (McFly, Boyzone, Guetta). Here's what she said:
I was in London - I've been working on a new record Julian Emrey and Jim Irvine, who are these two writers I met in LA. The first song we wrote together is a song called 'Spark', and we were so excited about it - it was the best writing day possible! It's great because they're writers and also producers. My favourite song that we wrote together was called 'The Story Of Us'. It's a song that's really personal to me. I have 11 or 12 songs ready to go right now and I'm going to go in studio in January and start recording them. I'm really confident I will have this record out by next summer. I hate putting labels on it because a good song is a good song. This record is more in the vein of my first record, which I would say was a pop record. The last record became so exhausting that this one is all about having fun and being creative again and not feeling like I have to write a specific way for a specific genre.